Puppeteer  Soham

Soham use to watch  YouTube videos on iPad of his father. It was an iPad given by a USA client for software testing.

He use to watch videos of Ramdas Padhey a world famous Ventriloquist and Puppeteer. He was also keen on listening videos of famous mimicry artist HasyaSamrat Shri Deepak Deshpande.

With repeated watching such videos, at the age of 4 years he started speaking without moving lips, ventriloqui.

When his father observed this, he made first puppet for him called Chotu Singh. Later he developed puppet like a book, a cake, a dynasoure, Tatya vinchu, Sonuli a girl child,  Narendra Modiji puppet etc. His first public show was at age of 5 years at Sahastrajun Ganesh Mandal, Mangalwar peth, Solapur. He shows magic Tricks, Peppetry, Powada, Mimicry and Play Acts.

He won state level prize in elucation competition for Swacha Abhiyan at the of 6 years. He won district level first prize for his Act Bhondu Baba. He presents Mimicry scripted by Shri Deepak Deshpande, Hallo Tai and few other.



Soham Sham Yemul
340 A Sakhar peth Shop No.4, 
Below Nagari Bank Solapur - 413005 Maharashtra INDIA

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